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We can't know how it would work. It's a different rivalry, true. Leonard would go above Durant because of his impact on the team as a whole and his defense. There are a few other combinations that have potential, and most them involve Durant.

Durant has 12 pick-and-roll possessions in these playoffs, and 10 plays considered "spot-up," where he's shooting or driving off closeouts.

NBA Finals: Who's better, LeBron James or Kevin Durant?

When it comes to field-goal percentage, LeBron beats Durant, but from three-point range, it's not close with Durant shooting We saw what a non-optimized Durant looked like in OKC.

James has averaged One game removed from breaking the NBA Finals record for 3-pointers in a game, Curry shot 1-for from 3-point range and only scored 11 points. The best solution -- calling up free-agent-to-be Durant at the end of the series and asking him to join forces with him in someplace like Los Angeles -- seems to be off the table with Durant having finally achieved the higher ground.

NBA news: LeBron James claim, Kevin Durant to Lakers development, Carmelo Anthony message

But combining his skills, his mental acuity for the game and his unprecedented physical prowess make him a superior player.

Durant had many other destinations he could have played at and chose the easy way out by joining the powerful Golden State Warriors who won 73 games not long before he joined with the immense stars they had there already with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, Curry and Thompson being some of the best shooters the game has ever seen.

Durant has been great because he's on an all-time team surrounded by all-time talent. Is there even an effective one to be made.

So why not offer a different look. But you can make the argument, or at least supplement it with this. Well he did it again on Wednesday. The Warriors are since Curry went down with a groin injury, the victories coming in the only two games in which Cook played at least 30 minutes.

Every time the Cavaliers went on a run to take leads as large as 13, Durant would hit a few shots and bring Golden State back within the game.

In the east, after a sluggish start to the season, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have rattled off 19 wins from their past 21 games to move within a game of the Boston Celtics for first place in the East. Durant joined a win juggernaut, giving them the closest thing there may be to an unfair advantage and capitalized on the fact no team can hang with their firepower.

There aren't necessarily championship expectations in Year 1, and this squad won't require LeBron to carry the entire load every night over the marathon game season.

That sounds like the "best" player to me. In the past two seasons, he averaged Overall, though, he still projects as a clear mid-first-round prospect in both points and roto-style leagues.

The Warriors adapted in subtle ways -- it's what they do -- when Durant joined. However, that was before the Warriors added Durant. He earned a Warriors contract because he can shoot.

Stats When it comes to statistics, LeBron James still out wills Durant, but he could catch up depending on how long James plays. Lets look at the height of Lebron James and the height of Kevin Durant, two of the premier NBA players, if not the best basketball players on the planet at this time (Summer, ).

Let’s take a.

Has Kevin Durant snatched the 'best player in the NBA' crown from LeBron James?

Share Could Kevin Durant or LeBron James handle guarding Karl Malone? tweet share Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email This weekend, Chalk the Block visited Riverwoods in. The tally since the summer of is now Durant's 10 wins to James' two, including a lopsided championship series in which Durant got his first title and Finals MVP.

LeBron James vs.

Did LeBron recruit him to Lakers? Kevin Durant: 'Hell no, 100 percent false'

Kevin Durant. For the first time since Game 4 of the NBA Finals, LeBron James will play opposite Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors. The Los Angeles Lakers are set to face the defending champions. Jan 29,  · LeBron James scores 61 points vs. Bobcats Updated: LeBron James set career and franchise marks for scoring in the Heat's win over the Bobcats on Monday, hitting of shots (8-of 3PTs, 9-of FTs) with seven rebounds and five assists.

Kevin Durant simply does not have the basketball IQ that LeBron James has. Despite LeBron being a 6'8" lb machine with tons of muscle, speed, and freakish athleticism, one of his best traits is his mind for the game.

"The King" is able to dissect any defense and use it against them. He simply knows each team's weakness and attacks elleandrblog.comd: Dec 18,

Lebron james vs kevin durant in
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