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Contact The Best Thesaurus Have you ever needed a better word than the only one that comes to mind. Plotbot also tracks different versions as well as who wrote what.

It will also format articles sent through email so that they display correctly when published. With the advent of iPads, tablets, smartphones, and other devices that support word processing capabilities and so much more, the possibilities and places to express and enhance one's writing skills are exploding.

Have you searched online for answer, but were unsure if what you found was actually correct. The number of editing services is quite big, but not every website offers the services we do.

Free Sometimes our ideas flow like water, and sometimes the river seems to just dry up, like the savannah in the African drought season. Windows Live Writer Windows Live Writer is a blogging tool that allows you to add photos and videos and then preview your blog just as it would appear online.

Our team specializes in essay writing for high school, college, and university students. Let us know in the comments. Let Spice Mobile tap into its comprehensive collection of famous literature to help put some mojo back into your manuscript.

Writers sometimes want a variety of tools at their disposal when creating their latest work, and sometimes they just want to write. What does it take - three clicks. Examples of how to use the bubbles include inserting photos and creating a logical flow or a more random setup to illustrate your processes.

Because using Internet images you find on Google images are very often copyright protectedit is a much better idea to create your own unique images. Poetica aims to help create an environment similar to a collaborative working culture, where people feel comfortable to share and make their ideas vulnerable by creating a place where anyone who is a member with Poetica can edit your work.

Now jump down and give me words. Microsoft Word Aside from its obvious word-processing and formatting capabilities, Microsoft Word offers a host of possibilities, including business, academic, marketing and creative templates; charts, tables and graphs; image and multimedia insertion; mail merging, keyboard customization — and much more.

If you are writing every day and working with other writers, content editors, proofreaders or editors, Google Docs allows you to collaborate with ease.

Unlike some free word processors, Docs does have a word count, so you can keep track of your word count goal.

Merriam-Webster Apps

Whether writing in iambic pentameter or traditional haiku, Poetreat provides the structure needed to create a literary masterpiece. Once the opus is completed simply publish the URL and instantly invite thousands of new fans to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

James Patterson, eat your heart out. Yet another alternative is "Thesaurus: You may prefer the Chambers Guide to Idioms to inject phrases into your fictional character's dialogue or the Chambers Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms with many thousands of A-Z options for word choices.

One added benefit is that it will convert your text to HTML so that you can post it right into your blog or website.

The Top 10 Apps for Writers

Poetreat For the poet who thinks "meter" has to do with parking and struggles with rhyme from time to thyme, there's an app for that. Some of them are listed here: What writing apps do you love. In other words, it allows you the freedom of the creative process.

What made you decide to start Power Thesaurus. In addition to help with the mechanics of writing, its toolbox shows not only different aids for developing your fiction story but also tips for journalists, bloggers, technical writers and more.

In comparison to other similar tools like thesaurus. You just have to place an order, and we will find a professional for your request. At the moment we are completely rewriting the website and applications iOS and Android to a new version of Power Thesaurus that will have a large number of updates in all areas.

If you think of hiring an editor to check your paper, you will be surprised with prices for their services.

Free Online Resources for Writers

The more refined you want your work to be, the logic dictates that you will want as many impartial readers to review your work as possible, and Poetica has created an outlet for that notion. First Name Email Address We use this field to detect spam bots. But it is a fantastic free tool for promoting your writing.

Portent is an easy and clever way to find new writing ideas. Writing an excellent essay means not only to conduct profound research on a topic, but also to put all your thoughts, ideas and findings into a coherent and cohesive text with no grammar and spelling mistakes.

Some people say that Power Thesaurus is already almost a perfect online thesaurus, however our team still see the potential for a great number of further improvement that will keep us very busy at least in the following years.

But building authentic, memorable heroes is no easy task. In case you have questions in regard to our services and editing software, contact our support team and get answers immediately. Make your essay perfect with a little help from aside.

Where can I find a good online thesaurus? Welcome to Writers. We prefer answers that are a little more comprehensive than just a link elsewhere.

Can you tell us more about this? Why do you prefer it over other resources? Is there a free online alternative to Scrivener? 2. The free online version is very convenient for checking up to a page or so of text.

It gives helpful hints to improve your writing. It’s free and one of the must-have writing apps for writers. More reading: 7 Writing And Blogging Chrome Extensions You Will Use Every Day.


7. Portent’s Idea Generator. The Visual Thesaurus is an online thesaurus and dictionary of overwords that you explore and visualize using an interactive map.

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If you want to find free resources for writers, read this article. I'm sure you'll be surprised at the free resources for writers there are on the Net! There’s also a handy thesaurus so you can find just the right word. 3. If you know about more great, free online resources, please share with your fellow writers here in the comments.

The Best Thesaurus Have you ever needed a better word than the only one that comes to mind? Nowadays, the easy solution is to type that word plus “synonym” into your Google search box.words million quotations over years of English The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely regarded as the accepted authority on the English language.

Register now for a free day trial and to request pricing information. now fully incorporated into OED Online, the Historical Thesaurus of the OED arranges.

Free online writers thesaurus
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